About Us

D&L Denton is not your average "Feed Store". Our mission is to provide the freshest quality feeds, hay, pet products and lawn and garden care in a warm and friendly environment. We focus on animal care and nutrition and leave the rest to the box stores and local hardware stores.

We strive to treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience and consideration.  We value our community and consistently support community events and efforts. Our promise is to deliver exceptional value and unmatched service to our customers. We are committed to be the most dependable supplier of feed, hay. animal health and basic maintenance products to our customers. Bottom line – we love working with people and animals.

Each employee of D&L Farm and Home - Denton is uniquely qualified to help our customers with the latest product information and advice. You can rely on their experience to answer questions about all the products we offer.

Family Photo

Pop & Boys

Rex & Jennifer Sanders have been a part of the Argyle community for 18 years. All four of their children have attended Argyle schools since Kindergarten and three of them have graduated from Argyle High School. They bought D&L Denton in 2009 and they work along side their children Tripp, Maddy, Cody & Tyler.